Dieter Kosslick was excited about the existence of the Marshall Plan films from the beginning. In his own way, he sells democracy every day, and the Berlin Festival is the better for it. Rainer Rother of the German Historical Museum added his prodigious skills, and together we organized the 2004 and 2005 Selling Democracy retrospectives in Berlin. Richard Peña and the Film Society of Lincoln Center hosted the American premiere at the New York Film Festival in October 2004, a big leap forward. Craig Kennedy, President of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and Ursula Soyez, Foreign Policy Program Officer, responded heroically to an 11th hour request for funding, and have become, together with John K. Glenn, GMF’s Director of Foreign Policy, Jeremiah Schatt, and Thorsten Klassen, invaluable strategic partners. We are also immensely grateful to Brian Shaw, and Henry J. Oechler, Jr., of the George C. Marshall Foundation. Our Goethe-Institut sponsors are generous and hard-working collaborators: Heribert Uschtrin, Sylvia Blume, Norma Broadwater, William Gilcher, Ute Kirchhelle, Margit Kleinman, Ulrich Everding, Ingrid Eggers, Karin Kolb, Rudiger Van Den Boom, Julianne Wanckel, Detlef Gericke-Schoenhagen, and Karin Oehlingschlaeger. The U.S. Department of State officers who deserve particular thanks include Paul Denig, Richard Wilbur, Richard Taylor, Mark Schlachter, and Gerri Williams (ret.). For the Washington DC International Film Festival showcase, our thanks to its visionary chief, Tony Gittens.The leadership and staff of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have worked miracles. Their decision to preserve their Marshall Plan and OMGUS films, a legacy of Larry Bachmann, makes the entire tour possible. Thank you, Ed Carter, for caring so deeply about the collection; thank you Randy Haberkamp for the glorious Los Angeles kick-off; and thank you all – Frank Pierson, Bruce Davis, Ric Robertson, Mike Pogorzelski, Joe Lindner, Heather Olson, and May Haduong – for backing this venture with so much enthusiasm.

Among the various Marshall Plan scholars and film historians, we are indebted to Linda and Eric Christenson -- to Linda for her remarkably thorough Marshall Plan Filmography, the bedrock on which this project stands, and to them both for unstinting help with every aspect of the Selling Democracy project. For access to written works, published or not, and their brains, we are deeply grateful to David Ellwood, Tom Mascaro, Volker Berghahn, Heiner Rosz, Jeanpaul Goergen, Cora Goldstein, Elizabeth Heffelfinger, Amy Garrett, Rebecca Boehling, Dan Leab, Brigitte Hahn, Matthias Steinle, Ramón Reichert, Marc Silberman.

For invaluable private letters and recollections, we wish to thank Sonya Schulberg O’Sullivan and Budd Schulberg, Esther and Josephine Hemsing, Ala and Florian Nilson, Gilbert de Goldschmidt, Lincoln Gordon, Toby Rodes, Francis Freedland, Li Erben Vicas, Leslie and Michèle Vicas, George Klotz, Terry Potter and the Shute family, Linda Gordon and the Bachmann family, Jim Warren, Viven Halas, Norman Borisoff, Jacob Kaplan, Marie Ridder, Page Wilson, Rudi Flatow, and the late and incomparable Lore Kiepenheur, Harlan Cleveland, Jürgen Graf, Georg Tressler, Mel Lasky and Asta von Berger.

Among the archives, particular thanks are due Karl Griep and Karin Kuehn at the Bundesarchiv; Kathi Gormasz and Eva Baumann at DHM; André Delacroix at the Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche; Les Waffen at NARA. Research assistance was provided by Lisa Hartjens, Sarah & Kate O’Sullivan, and lab services by Kathy Burdette at ColorLab in Rockville, MD, and Charles Darby at Du Art Film and Video.

To the many other allies - Stanley Plotnick, Jed Lyons, John Roche, Catherine Wyler & Richard Rymland, Virginia Greenwald, Whitney Green, Vivien Woofter, Frank Mehring, John & Susan O’Sullivan, Rainer Hasters, Naomi Meyer, Nancy Sher, Lia Bass, Barbara Katz, Arthur White, Kenneth Hoffman, Greg Peterson of the Robert H. Jackson Center, Des McElroy, the Mackie family -- and to the Schulberg/Goodrich family -- K.C., Peter & Beth, Jon & Caryn, Betsy, Jane, Chris, Vicky, Benn-Stuart, Jessie, Dave, Steve, Perry, Chris, Lauren, Niel & Ruby, Chloe, Bennett & Laura. Thank you! S.S.

Program Book Credits

Volume 3, 3rd Edition, Printed November 2008. American designer JayJay Jackson ( designed the Selling Democracy program book. Our cover art and title treatment incorporate a piece of art - the man climbing the dollar sign - created for the Marshall Plan mission in Holland by Dutch artist Jo Spier. It graced the cover of a booklet, supplied by the U.S. State Department, titled "Het Marshall Plan en u.” Also featured are posters created for the Marshall Plan (from collections at the Deutsches Historisches Museum and the German Marshall Fund of the United States), OMGUS posters belonging to the Schulberg family, and three cartoons by Alan Dunn, reprinted by permission of the New Yorker Cartoon Bank. The photograph of Lothar Wolff is courtesy of George Eastman House. The program book was printed by Flight Design, New York ( © Schulberg Productions, Inc., 2008.

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